Made in China

Our baby new baby (gender we didn’t find out) was Made in China. We went to Hong Kong and China in November. We spent 2 weeks exploring as a family and hanging out with extended family. We found out we were expecting a little one in December, but stats and weeks weren’t verified till the end of January through a longer ultrasound. We found out that baby’s due date was 8/24/18.

This pregnancy came with many more test because of suspected gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. I took the gestational diabetes 1hr test and failed by 1 point. I then had to take the 3hr test the following week. I ended up taking it in Sacramento so my dad could watch E. I passed with flying colors. No gestational diabetes. Kaiser stopped doing the urine test during every appointment, but they kept testing mine and ordering blood test for pre-eclampsia. Protein was never found, but my blood pressure was high during the 2nd or last month of pregnancy and also at our last appointments. At our last appointment they actually ordered for me to go straight to Labor & Delivery to be monitored and my OB/GYN actually said they may induce. I went in and was monitored. Everything was good! That caffeine I drank before my appointment… Hehe… Opps… But, I am definitely blessed by a doctor who was overly cautious.

On Tuesday 8/7/18 we had a Kaiser blood pressure test and monitoring appointment. We hungout and cleaned the house. I went to sleep with E. I got up and went pee during the evening around 4AM (8/8/18). Around 6AM I woke up and thought I had a dream and peed all over myself. It felt like baby kicking out water or a big splash come out. I was so tired so I thought “I just peed myself.” I tried to close my eyes to go back to sleep. The liquids kept coming out like a burst. I thought “Okay, I better get up…” I went out and said, “Edmund, my water broke.” I went to the bathroom and found out my water did break. Around 6:29AM I gave Kaiser a call and they told us to come in. We got E up and got our bags ready and we were out of the house. We didn’t want to hit rush hour.

Edmund dropped me off and I walked up to the 3rd Floor (Labor and Delivery) and checked in (7:20AM). I got all ready in the room and the accessed me in Triage 1 and Janine (my best bud) arrived to watch and hangout with E. I then got admitted into L&D Room 3. We hungout and they let me eat a sandwich (turkey on wheat) with some juice. We watched some Paw Patrol and hungout. My contractions were getting closer, longer, and stronger. I let Edmund visit one of our other friends who was in the other wing they delivered the day before. The nurses started prepping all the tools, etc. already. I wasn’t thinking baby was coming anytime soon. Once he came back they put an IV in and drew blood. The person drawing my blood and putting the IV in had “INTERN” on her badge… That was interesting and I  was worried. She took awhile looking for my vein. She also didn’t connect something correctly and my blood got all over the tray. When E saw that he freaked out and went to daddy and bit him. He knew something wasn’t right.

A little after my IV was in I was so ready to push. I told the nurse “I think I have to push!!!!” They called the midwife in. The midwife measured me. She said “10cms”. Then we started the pushing. This was around 11:50AMish. I pushed for 38 minutes. Baby boy came out at 12:28AM!



Sesame Street Live! REVIEW!

This has got to be one of the best shows around! I am still thinking about how great the show was! I want to get everyone out to watch this show! This show was vibrant, lively, fun, and very interactive! My kiddo is 2 and has been in love with Elmo and Friends! This show was definitely a highlight!

We left for the show and I told my son “we are going to see Elmo”! He was so happy and kept yelling “Elmo Street! Elmo Street!” Then later he kept saying “Elmo scared.”

This weekend in San Jose everything was happening! The US Skating Championships at SAP Center, Tech Museum, Carnival on Park Ave (a block behind the City National Civic), something at the convention center, and also Christmas in the Park. I was so afraid of parking I even was going to use ParkingWhiz to find a spot ($10). But, I ended up driving to the site, turned a corner, and found street parking (score!)

Will call was a little different. Everyone kept asking where Will Call was located. I didn’t know how small the event was going to be. The Will Call was located at the 2 ticket windows that were open for ticket sales. It was nice and fast. The people working were friendly.

Going through security was no problem at all. I really liked the security system here compared to Levi Stadium, etc. The people working knew it was a toddler/kid friendly event and we were treated with respect and they allowed kid friendly snacks and foods to go through. They let the kids bring in their stuffed animals, too!

We walked in and the kids were just ecstatic! They saw Elmo and friends and just ran around looking at stuff! So cute!

 They had TVs that the kids loved to stop by and watch. They were interactive with games or dancing! They had tons of souvenirs on sale! They were of course “overpriced”, but I did actually have a budget for my kid. He didn’t ask to buy anything. He just liked to look or play with the stuff! Many of the toys ranged from $15-$30. The snacks and drinks ran from $10-$15. I kind of wished my kiddo would ask me for some of the snacks or drinks because they were such cute containers! I wanted to buy one for myself!

The theater was set nicely and they had boosters for the kids! Such a plus! I really loved how kid friendly this event and theater was! So accommodating! I would definitely come back to more events here!

 These are the boosters! They fit right on the chair. The workers after the show came to pick them up.

The show was just the right length! The show was a total of 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission. The 15 minute intermission was great for the kids to stretch around and play.

The letter of the day was C and the number of the day was 1! They emphasized CARING and COMMUNITY! Love that!

As each character came out they had some sort of lesson and it was just awesome! Very interactive! My kid loved to clap around and dance! Big Bird taught the kids to tweet. Oscar taught the kids about recycling. Rosita taught the kids some Spanish. Elmo taught the kids to dance! Cookie Monster of course taught the kids about cookies! Abby stole the show, too by stopping the rain!

It was a big fun party! This show was amazing! I just loved the show and everything!

We ended our time letting the kiddos take a picture! The people taking the pictures were awesome! They understood kids, used bubbles, and took time! Glad we spent the $28 on something we could keep and look back on! Well worth it!

Thank you to  FELD Entertainment for providing me with tickets to Sesame Street Live: Let’s Party! All opinions in this Sesame Street Live Review are my own. 


Starting of The Year

We started off the year off with our first outing! We went to Trinity Stay-N-Play in Sunnyvale!

The church opens up their preschool area to the community 2 Fridays a month (1st and 3rd). The kids can play with toys and explore the different themed rooms! They have an outdoor playground, bounce houses, dress up area, doll area, kitchen play area, legos, cars, dinosaur, trains, books, puzzles, puppets, indoor playground, coloring, nursery area, etc.

I also love how they have a craft for each meeting. They have all the supplies and instructions ready for you! This week we made snowmen! They also give a little container of homemade playdoh to the kids to play with and also to take home!

To end the time they do a circle time! They sing songs related to the theme! It’s so fun watching my son interact and have fun!

This place is awesome and I can’t wait to bring my son back!

The fee is $3 and there’s a theme each time. The next theme will be Animals on Parade scheduled for January 19, 2018 from 9:30am-11:30am! Wear your PJs and bring your favorite stuffy!